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Finding the right Will Writing Consultant, who realizes that every person has different needs and priorities, is no easy task in today’s competitive market place. At EMP Solution Will Writer’s we pride ourselves on taking time and treat all our clients as individuals, that have unique individual requirements. Our task is to create the best bespoke advice, for your circumstances at whatever stage of life you find yourself at.


Yes – all we need to do is talk and discover your main priorities, we help you provide for your loved ones with a professionally written Last Will & Testament to suit your personal requirements. See below a list of services we provide.

Last Will and Testament

Home Protection Scheme (Asset Protection)

Protective Property Trust

Conveyance and Land Registry

Lasting Power of Attorney

Disabled Discretionary Trust

Inheritance Tax Saving

Will Legal Document Storage

Children’s Trust

Executor Help and Advice Codicil(s)

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